ID policy promotes accountability

October 15, 2018

 Graphic by Marissa Arnold


Of the many changes implemented this year, the newest one to land is the addition of student IDs. Both students and staff will be required to wear them, with the accompanying lanyards or clips.

The IDs were introduced was for the purposes of school safety and security. With everyone in the school having an ID, it makes who belongs on the premises more clear.

IDs visible on a student will make keeping track of them easier for teachers. Staff will no longer need to ask a student their name in the event of a discipline problem.

With students better accounted for, both staff and students can go about their days with more oversight.

Further helping everyone with accountability, Renaissance ice cream socials will be more efficient. The long lines of students having their names and grades referenced on the spot are at an end.

The high stress on the nights of dances will also be cut down. Scrambling to find a never-used ID, without which entry is difficult, will be a thing of the past as IDs will be used daily.

Students are also required to keep their IDs on them, and bring them every day to school in order to keep them effective. After 3 instances of forgetting an ID, students receive a detention.

However, the system is somewhat inconvenient for students, as they will need to remember their IDs daily, a change from past years. Adding another daily responsibility for students could end up being another one of many stressors, especially because of the risk of detention.

Additionally, as IDs aren’t checked upon entry or required to be visible before school starts, it is harder to prevent unwanted people from entering the building. A teenager who does not attend the school could still potentially enter and claim they simply forgot their ID.

Students are flexible though, and this new change will lend itself to preparing students for future careers, where they will likely have IDs on them daily. Despite the fact that the IDs are not a perfect security measure, they will serve to make the school safer when combined with other measures.

Overall, the addition of visible IDs for everyone is going to lead to a positive change. They will contribute to a more open and safer environment for students and staff alike.


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