Nintendo game provides variety

Living up to its name, Nintendo’s latest release is truly ‘super.’

Super Mario Party, the 11th Mario Party game, was released Oct. 5 for the Nintendo Switch.

The game’s core elements remain the same, with four players (human or computer) competing through minigames and a virtual board to collect coins and stars.

It uses beloved elements of previous games while removing less well liked features.

The much-hated car mechanic of Mario Party 9 and 10 requiring players to move as a group is removed. Similarly, Mini-Stars are no longer used, with regular stars brought back as the deciding factor of the victor.

Partner Party is added in the place of teams in previous games. Instead of using regular tile movement, players can move freely through a stage and choose where they want to land with a certain amount of spaces.

This adds a fun new element to gameplay, and is a welcome change from needing to use one set playstyle.

River Survival is another fun addition, as it provides teamwork, minigames, and another world all in one. Sound stage, a rhythm game, is another surprising yet welcome way to play, especially if playing with a group.

In the main game, each character has a different dice with different sides, introducing an element of strategy to character selection. Also, players can pick up allies as they play, gaining new dice options and adding to their roll totals.

The minigames are well made and fun, with a variety of types to spice up gameplay. Team minigames let players play alongside their allies and gain an edge against opponents.

As is typical of Mario Party games, there is a mode to play minigames with several sub-modes adding competition. Players can favorite minigames, making them easier to pick out later.

However, the game does have some flaws. Secret Styles, a heavily advertised mode featuring multiple Switches, is a fun mode, but with only four games, that extra capability is severely limited.

Only four stages are present for regular gameplay, with one needing to be unlocked. Those stages are all relatively small, though they do present a variety of different paths for players to take.

Though the main mode has less content, this is overshadowed by the extra modes added in other parts of the game.

Overall, Super Mario Party is an excellent game that blends old and new elements for a perfect mix. A fair amount of variety makes it perfect to play with a group or alone

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