Marvel film excites viewers

Graphic by Marissa Arnold

The differences between good and evil are challenged in “Venom”, the newest film by Marvel about a loveable antihero out to save the world.

In this movie Tom Hardy (“Inception,” 2010, “Mad Max: Fury Road,” 2015) portrays Eddie Brock, a reporter living in San Francisco. Brock is at constant odds with the scientific genius Dr. Carlton Drake, portrayed by Riz Ahmed (“Rouge One,” 2016, “Jason Bourne,” 2016).

These two characters meet when Brock is assigned to report on Drake’s accomplishments as a scientist. This leads to Brock wanting to expose Drake for the ethically wrong experiments he is conducting.

This investigation leads Brock to come into contact with an extraterrestrial specimen known as Venom. Venom is the man eating alien that inhabits Brock’s body and gives him a new courage along with the ride of a lifetime fighting Drake and his team.

Another familiar face in this movie is Michelle Williams (“The Greatest Showman,” 2017, “I Feel Pretty,” 2018) portraying Brock’s girlfriend, Anne Weying. Another character who may look familiar is Jenny Slate (“Gifted,” 2017, “The Secret Life of Pets,” 2016) who portrays a scientist with good intentions working for Drake.

This movie starts off slow, which is most likely due to the length of the film. However, after the first 20 minutes the plot thickens and viewers are on the edge of their seats.

The creators and animators do a fantastic job bringing this story to life. The animations merge Hardy and his parasitic” counterpart together well.

Overall, while this movie does not follow the exact path of the comics, it does not shy away from things typically seen in the Marvel Universe. Maybe in the next movie fans will see more of the characters associated with the comic book series.

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