Window decals improve look, provide safety

Windows are often the first impression visitors see before they enter a building, so making school windows representative of what lies within can foster school spirit. In the case of the new window coverings added recently, it also protects students.

This year, window coverings are being added to most large windows in the school, including the library, the main entrance, auditorium doors, Main Gym(A) doors, the café windows, and the main office. These coverings have designs, which are only visible from the outside and champion Falcon Pride.

“It’s continuing to brand our school, and showcasing who we are as Falcons,” said Assistant Principal John Shaeffer, who was largely responsible for the project. “Our Falcon is a big one, Cedar Crest High School, the interlocking C is representing us at many locations.”

From the outside, these designs make it almost impossible to see inside the school. However, from the inside, they add only a slight tint.

“[We tried to] create some type of a way to be able to limit the access that you can’t see through, but we can see out,” said Shaeffer. “That’s just a way that we were looking at to keep safety for our students.”

While the window coverings for the library and main entrance are generic in theme, other stickers are tailored to their location. The auditorium doors will have theatrical themes, and the gym doors will be themed for sports.

“We wanted to incorporate many of the activities we have in the school,” said Principal Nicole Malinoski.

While the idea has been present for a while, leftover funds from the Class of 2018 allowed it to become possible. The designs used were based on Shaeffer’s ideas, which were built upon by the artist and the company taking on the project.

“That also goes back to how can we utilize that space, make us safe, but also brand ourselves and put us out there in a positive way to really show what we’re about,” said Schaeffer. “To bring our Falcon out in front and to say that we’re the home of the Falcons and make it what we are, that pride of our school.”

This comes on the heels of the repainting of the hallways, the remodeling of the library, and other renovations that have occurred within the last few years. More changes are to come, and changes like general renovations, a new performing arts center, and updated bathrooms are being considered in the next 10 years.

“It took us five years to change all of our walls from a dirty brown color to blue, gray, and white and I think our hallways have really brightened up.” said Malinoski. “Our hallways look amazing this year, students are taking great responsibility in keeping the hallway clean, and the floors are shining bright because of all the hard work the custodians did over the summer.

“The paint just makes everything so much brighter and I’m very, very proud of the inside of our school.”

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