Action film fails to impress viewers

Not everything is as it seems as mommy-vloggers become mistresses and murderers in “A Simple Favor.”

Mommy vlogger, Stephanie Ward, played by Anna Kendrick (“Twilight” 2008, “Pitch Perfect” 2012), befriends workaholic Emily Nelson, played by Blake Lively (“The Age of Adaline” 2015, “The Shallows” 2016) in a desperate attempt to connect to the other moms at her son’s school.

As the two grow close, Stephanie realizes that Emily’s fiery personality that makes her a bad mother also makes her a great friend.

Suddenly, Emily disappears without a trace after asking Stephanie to pick up her son. Her disappearance instantly becomes shrouded in lies and mystery as Stephanie realizes she knew nothing about her self- proclaimed bestie.

The film’s plot is well-written and continues to surprise viewers with action-packed scenes.

However, while the plot was stable throughout the movie, it was presented slowly and uninterestingly during the beginning scenes of “A Simple Favor.” By drawing out unnecessary details and overly explaining aspects of the characters’ past, it lost the audiences interest within the first few scenes.

Those who decided to stay past the first fifteen uninteresting minutes saw that a large portion of the movie was told through Stephanie’s videos. This caused the film to have a non-chronological order that kept readers interested and alert.

Thematically, “A Simple Favor” was an unquestionably average movie that displayed a promising plot that was diminished through over-analyzing, making it a film more fit for a late night binge than a theater experience.

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