Seniors commit to Division One field hockey

For most students, balancing school work is hard enough, let alone playing a Division One sport as well.

Seniors Hanna Lewis and Emma Holzman plan to take on the challenge after both committing to play college field hockey at the Division One level.

“When my schedule is tight, I have great time management and I know for sure that I cannot procrastinate on school,” said Holzman.

Both athletes have chosen schools that will accommodate to their needs for the next four years. Holzman will attend LaSalle University, while Lewis will attend Lafayette College.

“LaSalle is the perfect school for me,” said Holzman. “I love the city atmosphere, and Philadelphia is such a great area.”

Holzman’s major was also a huge deciding factor in her decision, as she plans to pursue nursing as a career.

“They have such a reputable nursing program, and I appreciate the school giving me the opportunity to purse such a difficult major, especially while playing field hockey,” said Holzman.

Both athletes agree that playing as individuals will not lead the team to wins, team bonding and many coach interactions have taken places between each player’s teams and coaches.

“My coach really has a great personality and she is extremely approachable,” said Lewis. “I am really looking forward to playing under her for the next four years.”

Throughout Holzman’s and Lewis’s high school field hockey career, both players have proven that they are ready to compete at a higher level, with more training, endurance, and knowledge of the game.

“As an attack player, I really hope to finish more on offense, I know I can be a big part in making that happen next year,” said Lewis.

The girl’s high school field hockey coaches, Angela Springborn and Jill Houtz, wish both of the players good luck with their college field hockey career.

“I believe that Hanna and Emma will succeed at the D1 field hockey level, they both are really hard working kids who have a lot of knowledge of the game,” said Houtz.

Though each player has big plans for their futures, they both are looking forward to completing their last season of high school field hockey with their peers.

“Field hockey has taught me a lot about life, I’ve learned to always have a good work ethic, a positive attitude, and overall to just have fun with what I’m doing in that moment,” said Holzman.

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