Talon focuses on online presence

Paper media continues to fade into the cultural backdrop, and the internet is increasingly how people communicate and live their lives. As such, the Talon has ramped up its activity in the digital world.

In an effort to reach out to students, especially in an increasingly social media oriented world, the Talon staff is utilizing the Talon Twitter far more.

“Our goal is to totally model a professional newspaper,” said Talon adviser John Gates. “And the way professional newspapers are going right now is a far heavier online presence.”

Being online isn’t the only thing that the Talon has in store to draw in students. The staff also intends to utilize the Twitter polling system far more than they had in previous years.

“Sometimes, students do feel a little bit distanced from [the articles], so having polls should give them a little bit more of a voice," said Co-Editor-In-Chief Emily Bixler.

The polls will not just give the students more of a voice. The immediately and publicly available nature of them may well lead to them becoming points of discussion.

"We've used stuff like the polls before when debating different topics with our Beak to Beaks,” said Co-Editor-In-Chief Katie Knapp.

The staff also plans on releasing content more regularly, both on Twitter and on their blog, CCHS Today. This will keep a steady flow of reading material for students, as well as keeping them up to date on events staffers are attending.

"I definitely think Twitter is a more modernized interactive site for us to be using, because it allows us to get our quick little blurb out there about what happening and what's going on," said Knapp.

Alongside those shorter, in-the-moment posts, the Talon also has another, more ambitious goal. With staff members having new pieces finished almost daily, the goal is to now release these full-length articles, independently and regularly on its blog at CCHS Today.

"We have assignments each week, so there’s no reason we can’t,” said Gates. “Maybe not every day, but we will have new items every week … I have great confidence in our staff. It’s a good staff, they’ll be able to do it."

The Talon has already gotten on this new schedule, and has begun implementing the changes in a way that students can see. The staff made 11 posts during the final week of August. In comparison, it averaged three or fewer a month last year.

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