Horror movie fails to create fear

“The Nun” gives viewers a great visual experience, however, it lacked any depth in its horror plot.

The film is set 20 years prior to “The Conjuring”. It takes place in old 50’s Romania where the Romanian Abbey is located.

To villagers nearby, this is a cursed place despite containing holy occupants.

When one of the nuns from the Abbey’s cloister kills herself, the Vatican sends the miracle investigator, Father Burke, played by Demián Bichir (“The Hateful Eight” 2015, “A Better Life” 2011) and Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga (“The Final Girls” 2015, “Anna” 2013) who haven’t taken their vows, to inspect the death and see if the grounds are still holy.

When they get there, they meet a French-Canadian named Frenchie, played by Jonas Bloquet (“Elle” 2016, “3 Days to kill” 2014), who found the body of the nun and leads them to the Abbey. Hellish adventures ensue after the father and sister are invited by a mysteriously cloaked nun to stay the night.

The various scare tactics the film uses to thrill the audience are mostly jump scares and not enough actual fear building. While some parts make viewers nervous for what might happen next, others didn’t drive it home.

It seemed like the movie had no consequences for its characters. While they faced various risks to their safety, one member of their trio would save the other.

The movie’s plot improves toward the end with truly frightening moments involving the use of certain sounds and how the characters act when they are in a desperate situation. Most criticisms of “The Nun” are withheld for the last half hour since it achieves what it was lacking.

The overall ending is alright since it connects to the opening of “The Conjuring,” which was neat. It is a happier ending compared to most horror movies, but a darker ending would have been preferred.

There is a distinct difference in being scared and fear. Being scared is quick and caused by something sudden or shocking. Fear is built through atmosphere, sound, and acting from the antagonist.

The movie does fine in the realm of scare, but is slightly lacking in the realm of fear.

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