Girls' volleyball team welcomes new coach

Last season was a very important season for girls’ volleyball, as after almost 10 years, the team reached its goal of competing in playoffs. Their record last season was 12-4.

“It’s intimidating and encouraging to see what (former coach) Chad (Nolen) has been able to do to grow this program and hopefully I can continue on and keep a winning record,” said new coach Emily Olson.

Olson has much experience playing volleyball, including playing in college at Lancaster Bible College.

“It’s exciting to be able to use the college volleyball experience I have to better them and have a great season this year,” said Olson.

This year’s team is much different, having lost to graduation key players: Grace Miller, Mackenzie Sattazahn and Mackenzie Peiffer.

“I am very excited and I have a great group of girls who are willing to work hard,” said Olson.

The team got off to a great start, winning its first game against McCaskey High School in straight sets.

Captains Hannah Woelfling and Brooklyn Varner have a positive outlook on how the coaches will make this season better.

“I don’t think she’s super worried about making it to playoffs,” said Varner. “We have a lot of different players that haven’t been playing as much as previous years and just don’t have the same skill level but we can make it a competitive year and pull out some wins. She’s learning and she’s going with how to change different things in the mental aspect of the game more than she realized.”

“I think the coaching staff is great and players should be able to adapt no matter what the coaches are like so I think it’s about our teamwork and effort,” said Woelfling.

Other than Olson, the junior varsity program also has a new coach, Larry Rittle.

“I think if we can continue to do everything for the team and following coach Olson’s lead we can make it very far this season,” said junior Maddie Hopple.

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