Falcon Fair allows for fundraising

With the year just beginning, and summer coming to a close, students look forward to the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and fundraise for their favorite clubs through Falcon Fair.

Unfortunately, students will have to wait an extra week to experience the fair, which was originally scheduled for Friday, but has been moved back to Friday, Sept. 21 because of the inclement weather.

The fair will host 27 clubs. Its large size is partially due to the growth in participation from new and established clubs.

“Clubs that haven’t been represented other years have decided to join in, which is great,” said student council president Ryan Bonin. “We have 27 clubs this year that are going to be represented at Falcon Fair and there is going to be cool new games and stuff.”

While some groups, such as GSA and CTC are participating for the first time this year, many clubs previously established in the fair are changing their stands.

The Class of 2019 plans to partner with senior Gavin Binner, who runs Dough and Shake, in order to raise money for senior prom and class trip.

“I feel like partnering was a good idea,” said Binner. “I was happy I was able to donate most of the stuff to the Class of 2019. It made it even easier for us to raise money. I’m excited to see what students and teachers think of what I make.”

“We are hoping to raise more money selling cookie dough and funnel cakes rather than in years past where we would only raise a few hundred dollars or less,” said Class of 2019 vice president Hannah Shirey. “I think our stand will be more successful this year since we are selling something unique to the Falcon fair.”

The Falcon Fair can be a very profitable platform for clubs.

“The Falcon Fair, compared to other ways of fundraising, lets our class get most, if not all, of the money raised,” said Shirey. “Also, it is a fundraiser that benefits students in our class personally since they are purchasing yummy food to eat.”

While the fair’s main purpose is to advertise and fundraise for clubs, it also offers an academic break for students to look into clubs that may interest them.

“Falcon Fair is an experience to explore things that you haven’t before and less as a free day,” said Bonin. “Think about going to other clubs and asking questions to what they do. It’s more of an extended club fair that’s a bit more fun and interactive.”

Students not planning to fundraise can still enjoy a food-filled day outside.

“I just like when we’re outside and there are plenty of kids there and it’s all coming together,” said student council adviser Jane Hepler. “I like when it gets going and everybody is eating and the parking lot is full of happy people.”

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