Former Beatle produces 80s-inspired new album

At the age of 76, Paul McCartney, former lead singer of the Beatles, has released his 18th studio album, “Egypt Station,” which draws on ’80s rock and blends together old-school and modern sounds.

“Who Cares” is a prime example of this, as it features electric guitar instrumentals and catchy choruses that work together to create a fun, slightly rebellious vibe.

“Come On To Me” has an edgier sound and features a variety of instrumentals, most notably electric guitar, keyboard and trumpet, which make it an exciting song to listen to and one of the best songs on the album.

Although there are certain sounds shared by many songs on the album, there are some songs with vastly different sounds that add depth and variety to the album.

Such songs include “Confidante” and “Happy with You,” as they forgo the electric guitar common in the rest of the album in favor of acoustic guitar and soft vocals that give both a calming and optimistic feel.

“Back in Brazil” is another one, as it has a combination of funky and ethnic sound elements and is reminiscent of old-school techno.

“Despite Repeated Warnings” switches its sound various times throughout, which makes good use of its nearly seven-minute length, and although its separate parts were quite different in sound, they fit together almost seamlessly. It also features strong instrumentals and politically charged vocals, which solidify its standing as the best song on the album.

“Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link” is also extensively long, however, it does not have enough variation within it to maintain interest throughout its extensive length and thus is somewhat dull and feels like it drags on.

Thematically, the album has a diverse range of sounds and incredible instrumentals, which makes each song especially exciting to listen to and makes it seem very cohesive as a whole.

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