Uplifting album livens listeners

While many albums can be difficult to listen to, listeners can “know” right away that Jason Mraz’s latest album is an easy, fun listening experience.

“Know.” opens with “Let’s See What The Night Can Do,” which opens with Mraz’s traditional guitar instrumental and soft vocal. As it progresses, however, an entire orchestra and backup vocals are introduced, seeming to surround the listener.

This is a theme throughout the album, with songs like “Better With You” beginning with simple guitar then expanding into larger instrumental sections. This creates a strong, complete feel present throughout the album.

While many albums can get repetitive, some songs break the mold and add new elements. “Might As Well Dance” has a jazzy style not seen in other songs, making it stand out.

Despite the ever-present instrumentals, Mraz’s vocals are still showcased effectively. “Unlonely” shows off his low and high vocals, with a stretch only being accompanied by piano.

While all songs in the album are positive and upbeat, “Have it All” is the best example of this. It is upbeat with an optimistic message, passing its positive vibes to all who hear it.

While “Have It All” is not a love song, it is an outlier in that respect. Songs like “Sleeping To Dream” and many others border on sappy, with cliché lyrics that fail to stand out.

However, the overall impression of the album is overwhelmingly positive. Its carefree sound, shown in “Making It Up,” creates a welcome contrast to the negativity in many other albums.

The final song, “Love is Still the Answer,” sums up the album perfectly. Its seemingly massive instrumentals come together with optimistic lyrics to create something touching and inspirational.

For a positive, uncomplicated listening experience, “Know.” is an excellent choice, perfectly blending beautiful instrumentals with dynamic vocals.

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