School takes new PRIDE approach

Many changes are facing the school this year but the new Falcon PRIDE system stands to affect all students and staff. PRIDE stands for personal responsibility, respect, integrity, dedication, and excellence and is a way to bring students together while teaching them life values. The administration believes the values taught through PRIDE will help prepare students for future careers and life outside of high school. “I think [PRIDE] will definitely improve the climate of our school,” principal Nicole Malinoski said, “When you go for a job they are going to say, ‘What makes you stand out from other candidates?’ and students will be able to remember what they learned through PRIDE.” One of the main features of PRIDE is a rewards system that students can be entered into for doing a good deed. If a student is seen going out of their way to show falcon PRIDE they will be rewarded with a wing of praise, which can then be entered into a raffle held periodically throughout the year in which students can win prizes. “I’m really excited to see how much money Mr. Shaffer can raise for awards,” said Malinoski, “I know he’s been working really hard on it so I think that’s a huge piece of this system.” This rewards system is based off of positive reinforcement methods used in many elementary schools that focuses on rewarding positive behavior rather than disciplining negative behavior. “I think what we adults need to get over is we don’t need to discipline when someone is doing it wrong, we take them aside and inform them of their behavior,” Malinoski said, “Most of the time people want to earn rewards and do the right thing.” Many other changes have a focus on school security such as the new identification system, sign out regiment, and earbud policy. Beginning in October, students will be required to wear their ID cards at all times and will even receive stickers to alert staff of what clubs and organizations they are involved in. This method allows administration to identify who belongs in the school and whether or not a student is being truthful when they request to leave for clubs. “[The identification cards] allows everyone to be held accountable and I believe it will give the teacher the peace of mind that the student is going where they say,” said Malinoski. Earbuds are also being banned in the hallways to ensure students stay alert, and a uniformed sign out regiment has been implemented to ensure that students are receiving permission to leave class and a record is kept of the activity. “I think [this regiment] has to be embraced by the students,” said Malinsoski, “It has to be a part of everyone in this building all teachers have to use the same criteria and expect the same thing.” To further standardize the systems, the grading procedure has been changed to a 70-10-20 system that counts assessments as 70 percent of a final grade, homework as 10 percent, and marking period exams as 20 percent. Also, all online resources such as Moodle and Wiki pages have been replaced by Schoology, to ensure students are learning through the same platform. Although this implementation began with the class of 2020, this is the first year it will be held as a school standard. “Schoology is a more fluid platform and is a lot more user friendly features,” said principal Malinoski. The arrangement of parking spots has changed majorly this year, leaving many seniors parking in what was previously titled the junior lot. The drop-off spot for students has been moved from the front of the school due to safety concerns that arose from parents filing through the small spot as students were entering. This has shifted all the parking spots into the teacher lot over to the senior lot, causing a domino effect all the way up to the upper parking lot. “It is important that where our students enter the building is supervised and a safe environment,” said principal Malinoski

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