Hall pass policy beneficial to all

Graphic by Marissa Arnold

Student held hall passes are now a thing of the past. The system to leave classes has now been totally overhauled, and is going to affect everyone involved, from students to teachers.

The changes consist of students not carrying their own personal hall passes, but instead will receive passes from teachers. These passes will be given back to the teacher upon return, and also paired with sign-out sheets.

One might see this having little effect on the system of leaving classrooms, and indeed, the cafeteria, library, and a handful of classrooms already use sign-out sheets.

As students no longer will use their own passes, they now also will always have the possibility of leaving the room. The loss of personal hall passes is no longer reasoning for not being allowed to leave a class.

The fact that teachers have the passes will also make the existing sign-out sheets far more effective. Teachers are able to withhold passes if sign-out sheets are not filled out.

Once students leave their classrooms, they have a pass that clearly shows which hall they came from, so it is clear when they are out of place. This serves to prevent students from aimlessly wandering halls during “bathroom breaks” and wasting class time.

Wasting time might not be the only disciplinary issue these passes would prevent. It would be far more difficult to use illicit substances in bathrooms, or vandalize bathroom fixtures.

However, it may also lead to students feeling rushed to do things such as use the restroom. Not only are they now tethered to their hallway, but if there are a limited number of passes, taking long might prevent other students from leaving.

Efficiency is always an improvement, though, and students are adaptable. After a while, they will adjust to not being able to linger in hallways, and reasons for drifting to other hallways without a teacher knowing are few and far between.

What this comes down to, ultimately, is that the hall passes are here to stay, and have a lot to offer the school. They might take some getting used to, but the passes will end up changing the school for the better.

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