Freshmen participate in orientation

Photo by Sara Varela

Anxious and excited students roam the hallways of Cedar Crest High School ready for freshman year. Freshman Camp takes place every year a week before back to school night.

Freshman Camp helps students feel more at ease when coming to school on the first day back. This extra day prepares them and they get the opportunity to explore their new environment and classrooms for the next 4 years.

Even though freshman camp gave students an extra day to learn how to get around many still were anxious.

“No matter how many times you go over it, you are still going to be nervous and get lost your first day,“ said freshman Paige Smock.

Unlike other years the class of 2022 will not have to take intro to engineering or any computer class to graduate. They instead will be taking a class called falcon academy and most students will take technology problem solving.

Falcon Academy will teach freshman how to be organized throughout and after high school. It will also teach them about Project Life and will introduce what comes after high school for each student.

“A major difference between the high school and the middle school is that they aren’t divided into teams anymore,” said Lexi Dworniczek.

Being part of Cedar Crest High School also introduces all student to the wide variety of extracurricular activities. Clubs, sports and the musical groups are a big part of Cedar Crest High School.

“I’m excited to join drama club,” said Freshman Caroline Doster.

Freshman camp for the class of 2022 also introduced a time to get all of their questions answered. Many were able to hear our upperclassmen talk about their experience at the high school and were able to get advice on homework, college, being late to class and more.

“I’m excited to be a freshman because it’s more responsibility and it’s time to move on from the middle school,” said freshman Lauren Whitmeyer.

After the first day many believe freshman camp was a success.

“My first day was pretty good because I knew my way around better,” said Freshman Caroline Doster.

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