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A student at Cedar Crest High School in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Finn Royer brings an exceptional well-rounded blend of leadership, excellence, and creativity.

His leadership is exemplified as a founding member and co-director for the Mount Gretna International Film Festival, showcasing his commitment to fostering a vibrant film culture in his community and beyond. Finn has also participated in many service-oriented activities, such as volunteering his time as a buddy to special needs students in his high school, reading to elementary school students, and spending time raising funds for the American Heart Association.

His creative portfolio features award-winning works such as 'Avarice,' 'Kireji,' 'What Lies Below,' 'Me Myself, I, and all the Rest,' and '20k,' where he excelled as a director, writer, producer, editor, and actor. In addition to his numerous accolades, Finn has been commissioned to produce content for the Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show and a documentary for a local nature advocacy group.

After graduation, Finn plans to attend Penn State University’s Schreyer Honors College where he will major in film and media studies. 

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